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PCB Manufacturing, Assembly & Test

  • Valor Process Preparation for PCB Assembly and test

  • Opcenter Scheduling Electronics Software for PCB Manufacturers

  • Valor Parts Library (VPL)

  • Valor Asset Utilization for PCB Assembly

  • Valor Material Utilization for PCB Assembly

  • Valor Material Management for PCB Assembly

  • Valor Material Traceability

  • Valor Quality Management for PCB Assembly

Integrated Electrical Systems

  • Capital - Enabling the Electrical Model Based Enterprise

    • Define - Optimize Electrical and Electronic Platform Architectures

    • Design - Design and Integrate Systems into Optimized Platforms

    • Produce - Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

    • Maintain - Rapid Creation of Interactive Fault Finding and Diagnoostic Publications

    • Manage - Manage and Integrate Data

    • Networks - Accelerate the Design of Validated Networks with Guaranteed Delivery

  • VeSys - Optimized for rapid deployment and low IT footprint

    • VeSys Design

    • VeSys Harness

Electronics Cooling CFD

  • Simcenter Flotherm - Electronics cooling software from the leader in electronics thermal analysis

    • FloTHERM - Perform thermal analysis, create virtual models, and test design modifications of electronic equipment before physical prototyping

    • FloTHERM XT - CAD-centric thermal CFD from conceptual design to manufacture

    • FloTHERM PCB - Collaboration tool for everyone concerned with conceptual PCB thermal design

    • FloTHERM PACK - Automated, simulation-based IC package thermal characterization

    • FloTHERM Flex - The best of both worlds - Flexx licensing allows companies to use FloTHERM and FloTHERM XT to solve electronics cooling design challenges

    • FloVENT - Optimize HVAC airflows with fast, easy-to-use and industry-proven CFD simulation

  • Simcenter FLOEFD - The fastest CFD solutions from MCAD model to manufactured product

    • FloEFD for Creo - CFD fully embedded with Creo (and Pro/EMGINEER) for fluid flow and thermal simulation

    • FloEFD for CATIA V5 - CFD fully embedded in CATIA V5 for fluid flow and thermal simulation

    • FloEFD for NX - CFD fully embedded in Siemens NX for fluid flow and thermal simulation

    • FloEFD Flexx - Flexx licensing allows companies with multi-CAD strategies to gain the benefits of using FloEFD

    • FloEFD Standalone - 3D Concurrent CFD tool offering a CAD-centric experience for all MCAD system users

    • FloEFD for Solid Edge - CFD fully embedded with Solid Edge for fluid flow and thermal simulation


    • FloMASTER - Fluid thinking for systems engineers

    • 1D-3D CFD - Expanding the dimensions - the industry's first natively combined general-purpose 1D-3D CFD softwre solution

  • MagNet

    • MagNet - 2D/3D Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software

    • ElecNet - 2D/3D Electric Field Simulation Software

    • ThermNet - Thermal Simulation Softwre

  • MotorSolve - Electric Machine Design Software

    • MotorSolve | BLDC Module - Brushless DC and Permanent Maget AC Motor Design Software

    • MotorSolve | IM Module - Induction Machine Design Software

    • MotorSolve | SRM - Switched Reluctance Motor Design Software

    • MotorSolve | DCM Module - PMDC and Wound Field Motor Design Software

    • MotorSolve | Thermal Module - Thermal Analysis Module for MotorSolve BLDC and MotorSolve IM

  • MicRed Products - Thermally test, measure and characterize semiconductor devices (including LEDs), TIMs and even complete electronic systems.

    • T3Ster - Fast, accurate and repeatable semiconductor thermal transient test technology for measurement and characterization

    • TeraLED - Unique combined thermal and optical test, measurement and characterization of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) components and Solid State Lighting (SSL) arrays

    • DynTIM - Dynamic thermal characterization of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

    • Power Tester 1500A - Power cycling and thermal testing of electronic components

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